A conglomerate is like any other community and so it is wise assuming that any principle applicable to a society will also apply to them. As a matter of fact a company contributes a large way to the society and invariably it offers several benefits to the different sections of the society. At the same time it is also to be acknowledged that the company draws lot of resources from the society in all means and forms. Nevertheless it is only appropriate that they reciprocate the benefits in a judicious manner and this is what corporate social responsibility is all about.

A company is defined to be an artificial person in various statutes and regulations that govern the working of a company in different parts of the world. Nevertheless as an artificial person it receives the same number of benefits and in many cases more than what human beings would get. No doubt the company is indebted to the society and vice versa. Therefore corporate social responsibility is not an one time affair. It should continue in an uninterrupted manner and things should happen as long as the company is in existence irrespective of the fact whether they make profits or not.

Corporate social responsibility is not about organizing events or sponsoring certain welfare measures to the society. It is rather a way or a direction in which the company should function as like any other law that governs the administration of the company. The thrust here is the fact that it should be a voluntary measure. The more important fact is that it should not be aimed at making publicity rather it should reflect the goodwill of the company. Several traditional companies remain to be the top players in the market despite the competition from modern organizations in the name of technology , expertise and manpower. The only reason is that the later would have adopted the best commercial strategies while the former always ensured that they don not compromise on values or ethics or on their contribution to the society at any cost. Such a company will not only be loved the society but also be respected by the employers and command an unassuming
Influence from all the sectors.

Honestly there can be no precise direction or set guideline for corporate social responsibility. The principle remains the same. Individual companies follow different methodologies. Organizing an open day and allowing the public to come and inspect the manufacturing process itself contributes to corporate social responsibility. This will not only make them realize the concern that the organization has for the society but also prove to establish the fact that standard and hygienic procedures are followed. The public will carry the message and such goodwill will not be reflected in the balance sheet but it will stay amidst the minds of all loyal consumers and stakeholders for ever. Bigger companies can do this in a bigger manner. What actually matters is the intention with which it is done and not the magnitude.

Corporate social responsibility is the watchword in this gross era of commercialization and globalization. This is the primary tool that a company must use to distinguish itself from the unscrupulous practices that several companies adopt to capture the market. Apart from showcasing to the public it gives inner satisfaction and establishes benchmarks that are impossible to eliminate.